How To Hire the Right Roof Replacement Contractor

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How to Hire the Right Contractor for a Replacement Roof 

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“A house is only as strong as its roof” is a saying that you’ll hear over and over again when you own a home. No matter how much you take care of the rest of your house, it’s not going to do you much good if your roof isn’t in great condition.

If the roof on your home has seen better days at this point, you should strongly consider having a replacement roof installed. You can improve both the curb appeal of your home and the value of it by putting a new roof into place.

But before you do roof replacement, it’s important for you to make sure that you have the right roofing company on the job. You should do more than just Google “roof replacement near me” and pick the first roof installation company you can find to help you out.

Here is how to hire the right contractor for a replacement roof.


Take a Look at the Roofing Contractors in Your Area


As we just mentioned, you do not want to search for the words “roof replacement near me” on Google and then select the first contractor you find to provide you with a replacement roof. You’ll be asking for trouble if you take this approach to hiring a contractor.

But it’s not a bad idea to start your search by Googling “roof replacement” and your city or town. It’ll provide you with a long list of contractors who operate in your general area.

From there, you can research each individual contractor to see what they bring to the table. You can go about doing this by taking a look at their website and browsing through the pages they have set up for their roofing services.

A great contractor should have everything from a basic breakdown of their services to general information about residential roofs on their website. You should be able to see what a roofing contractor is all about based on what you find on their website.


Find Out Which Contractors People in Your Community Like the Most


Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance that you’re going to find that there are a lot of roofing contractors in your area. There are more than 100,000 roofing companies in the country. This can make the idea of trying to narrow down your search to just one contractor overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to do it in this day and age. You can rely on online reviews to let you know which roofing contractors are well worth your time—and which aren’t. It should only take you 30 minutes or so to see which roofing contractors in your area are the most highly rated in your area.

A simple Google search should bring up a bunch of reviews for each roofing contractor you’re considering. Read through both positive and negative reviews to find out what different roofers bring to the table. You can find out so much about contractors through the reviews that people have left for them in the past.


Look at Photos of Roofs That Contractors Have Installed Over the Years


If you want to know whether or not a roofing contractor does good work, look at some of the roofs that they’ve installed on homes over the years. Experienced roofing companies are more than happy to either post photos of roof replacement jobs they’ve done on their websites or provide them upon request.

They’re also usually more than happy to share which kinds of shingles they use when installing a replacement roof on a home. They should use shingles manufactured by a trusted brand that is known for making shingles that look amazing and stand the test of time.

Landmark® is a great example of a company that makes high-quality shingles for homes. They produce shingles like:

-Landmark® PRO Solaris shingles
-Landmark® Premium shingles
-Landmark® Solaris Platinum shingles
-Landmark® Solaris Gold shingles
-Landmark® IR shingles

When a roofing company makes it a point to work exclusively with a manufacturer like Landmark®, you know that you can count on them to serve as your contractor. They’re going to go above and beyond to ensure your replacement roof is incredible when it’s all done.


Set Up Interviews With Your Favorite Local Roofing Contractors


These days, you can find out almost anything that you want to know about roofing contractors online. From when they first set up shop to what types of materials they use when doing roof installation, you can learn whatever you want about them with a few clicks of your mouse.

But you shouldn’t let that stop you from setting up phone or in-person interviews with your favorite local roofing contractors. You’ll get a much better idea of which contractor is going to be a good fit for you by taking this approach.

Contact the roofing contractors you’re considering for your replacement roof and ask them for a few minutes of their time. Once you get them on the phone or sit down with them, ask them a series of questions designed to help you get to know them better.

Some great questions to ask a roofing contractor are:

-“How long have you been in business?”
-“Are you fully licensed and insured?”
-“Can you explain the process that you use when doing roof replacement?”
-“How quickly can you replace the roof on my home?”
-“Do you offer a warranty on roof replacement?”

A good roofing company will have no problem spending 15 or 30 minutes talking to you and answering any questions you might have. It’ll give you every opportunity to learn about a contractor and what they can offer to you.


Consider the Costs of Working With Various Roofing Contractors


Roof replacement cost is often a top concern for homeowners interested in installing a replacement roof. People don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to put a new roof into place on their home.

That being said, you shouldn’t make the mistake of hiring a roofing company based on price alone. Far too often, people search for the cheapest roofing contractor they can find and don’t factor the quality of their products and services into the equation.

You should look for a roofing company that’s going to offer you the best of both worlds. They should be prepared to extend excellent roofing products and services to you while doing it at a price you can afford.

If a company seems as though they’re going to cut corners in order to help you save a few bucks, they’re not going to be doing you any favors. They will oftentimes set you up with a low-quality roof that’ll need to be replaced again sooner rather than later.


Make Sure the Roofing Contractors You Choose Doesn’t Use Subcontractors


If you’re going to go through all the trouble of trying to track down the right contractor for your replacement roof, you should make sure that that contractor—and not someone else!—is going to be responsible for putting your new roof on your home.

This seems like it would be common sense. But you would be surprised by how many people go through the process of trying to hunt down a reputable roofing company only to trust a contractor that uses subcontractors to do all their work.

While you’re asking a contractor questions, don’t be afraid to ask, “Do you use subcontractors to do any portion of your roof replacement projects?” If they admit that they do, you shouldn’t agree to work with them.

If you hire a contractor that uses subcontractors, you’re going to have people who don’t work directly for the company that you hired working on one of the most important parts of your home. There’s no telling what they might do to your roof if they don’t have enough experience in the industry.

The contractor that you bring on board for roof replacement should do all their work themselves. They should also stand behind their work and be willing to come back out to your home to fix any issues that might pop up following the installation of your replacement roof.


Arrange to Have a Replacement Roof Installed on Your Home Today


Do you have a very old roof sitting on top of your home right now dragging down its curb appeal and hurting its value? Or do you have a roof on your home that you suspect might be having a negative impact on your energy efficiency?

We would love to help you by setting you up with a replacement roof. We can make your old roof a distant memory by installing a brand-new roof using Landmark® roofing products.

You’ll love the way that your new roof looks when we’re finished installing it. You’ll also appreciate how careful we are about cleaning up your home and leaving your entire property looking its best at the end of your roofing project.

Contact us today to find out more information about our roofing company or to schedule a roof replacement consultation



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